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The "Wet Kiss" is still ongoing

, 18:46

Yes, during the last few weeks I finally got around to work again on my rain diorama.

Here is one picture of the Work in progress. Be reminded that the final scene is going to be in a shadow box, completely darkened and only lit by the cars lights and the street light. What you will be able to see from the rain will be less than now, taking hopefully away the impression of those straight lines, nade by the way with angels hair (a Christmas decoration)

Not yet final

, 18:42

In the meantime, a nice and shiny black side has been added to the display, fixed with very small magnets. Easily removable, but behind the glass, no one should be able to reach it. I took my wide lens to make a better photo of the room with the display.

Nice room isn't it?

I also put the final touches on the lightning and , yet again, fixed the repaired moto driver.

One week to survive before the glass protection.

Countdown to exposition Expo-23

, 04:11

As I want my work on the inside rooms between the castles towers to be seen later, even when separated by a glass protection, I took the initiative to add some additional lights. The goal is to put in LED's who may be replaced by an outsider even in a couple of years without my presence. The ones I added originally are so well hidden (I did never imagine the need of this 12 years ago) that a replacement is impossible. To add the new ones I had to drill some holes in my precious castle. I inserted a small piece of Aluminium tube and slid the LED attached to the cables in it until the just barely stood out on the other side.

The did of course not go without damage and I had to partially remodel and repaint a few stones of the wall.

I fixed the cables with staples

I the tried to hide the cables with some ivy. As the cables are placed in corners of the wall, the ivy right there is not out of place.

As I also camouflaged the cables themselves, nothing can be seen. I closed the holes in the wall with some additional plasticine to avoid the light tgetting back out the wrong way.

I am rewiring the cables and bundling them into one 12 V trafo, together with the LED's from the cellars and the farmers house, albeit all those will only work as long as they are willing to do, a replacement was not possible with those.


This all happened actually a month ago, I just forget to put the update in here.

When I went to Clervaux last week for a final check regarding the glass protection, I had the unpleasant surprise that again I found my motorcycle driver lying around in pieces. Despite a physical barrier at the door of the expo room, and this was confirmed by the lady guarding the entry of the museum, people to not hesitate and push the barrier away and enter the room. It did not take long for someone to try to get a souvenir from the Diorama

So I am repairing it a second time as good as possible, but please don't put the blame on my modeling capacities if you notice glue marks on this. Some parts where simply broken and I need to salvage pieces from another bike to replace them.

The incredible thing as that some people in Clervaux still need to be convinced that a glass protection is an absolute necessity! But all is well now and we are close to finishing this.

On May 21 I will meet a fellow modeller from Switzerland in the castle to give him a private tour. I will then put the motorcycle back on the diorama and put final touches on the electric wiring. Ten days later, on May 30, finally , the glass protection will be added and the diorama opened immediately for exposition.

Diorama dispay in museum

, 17:23

Hi everyone

I am putting the final touches to the dio to get it finally ready for permanent display in the castle of Clervaux, the original one.

I am pleased by the nice location. It will actually occupy the whole upper level of the big tower, shown by the arrow on this nice picture


Sale price period extended

, 17:17

Because of the great success I am extending the sale period for my books.

Grab this opportunity to add both books to your modelling library.

Happy Christmas

, 18:29

I wish everybody a great Christmas and a peaceful year 2017!

25 % Special Christmas Sale

, 19:10

I am offering my books at a special Christmas discount price ! After the first book sold out everywhere in the world, including from my own stock, I printed more copies and am now the only source of it in the world.

Be sure to grab some copies while they last! Why not go for the Combo offer? At €35, shipping included to everywhere in the world, it's an opportunity not to be missed.

Short trip to France

, 04:15

I will enjoy a very short trip to France starting Monday and for 4 days only. Book orders will be send on Friday 9th.

Burglars who might read this: My house is not empty during that time!

Setting up the dio in the real Clervaux castle

, 04:11

Since a couple months the modules of the diorama are already in the room designated for the exhibition and waiting for definitive assembling. A lot of damage was made because of the careless handling by some staff and the opening for the display for public , this without any protection and all of course without my consent. Meanwhile the exhibition room is closed and the dio safe.

During the last weeks I repaired at home and at ease some of the most damaged elements, the moto driver, the stretcher Jeep and the whole balustrade from the side house with the old men. Because of my knee operation kneeing down was of course not possible at I had to wait till now to fix those elements back on the dio and also repair and fix a dozen other items.


The Ivy on the tower was partly ripped off also. It is not yet repaired because this is a complex operation, including selecting fitting branches and fixing individual Thymian leaves. How should I do that on-site? They had no idea what they destroyed! I am still furious about all this!

I also discovered yet another destruction. On the Hotel Central the downside pipe was ripped of the gutter. Here also, a repair will be difficult to realize and will always be visible. The house was my first one! It survived 12 years during which it went to some 20 exhibitions in a lot of countries without a single damage. A couple of weeks in Clervaux was enough to to exactly that. A broken figure in a cellar is not repaired as I can't get access unless I can get under the castle.

Hopefully the continuation of this Clervaux exhibition adventire will be more enjoyable because until now it was pure frustration.

Oh, I nearly forgot

, 11:49

Because it went so well, I nearly forgot another "distraction" from anything modelling

I lost 30 % of a meniscus during the arthroscopie, but alll went very well and I am nearly fully functional again right now. Full kneeing is still problematic. As soon as that is going well also, I will head to Clervaux to fix some more stuff on the dio.

Still no modeling but working a lot

, 10:21

Hi everyone,

Ok, I thought I should at least give a sign of life here.

What am I doing? Well, modelling wise, the Clervaux diorama has moved into the definitive room in the castle of Clervaux. I am right now repairing the damage done by the careless movers and the initial visitors who had the privilege to see the dio without any protection. Roughly a dozen things need to get glued back on, that was the slight damage. More damage was done on the Harley and the driver, the stretcher Jeep and the bannister on the stairs with the old men. I had those items dissembled in numerous parts and was lucky enough that I could find back most of the parts. I replaced others with double items from my stash. A completely ripped of small fir and the top of the big one are gone and will not be replaced. I am now still fighting to get a protection around the dio for the permanent display. Hopefully all this will be finished after the summer.

The spanish PDF is done as you notice, but I am still waiting (since half a year) for a corrected version. Anyway , the interest is not there as I did not sell one single copy of it. All this work done for nothing!

Otherwise, my hobby time goes entirely into the renovation of a secondary home situated in the nice Luxembourgish countryside.

No new modelling , the rain shadowbox is still sitting on my shelf waiting for the outer box.

I am here

, 17:24

No worries, if you want to order my books, the site is perhaps not very active for the moment, but I am watching my order entries with eagle eyes.

I am indeed not yet back to a modelling mode so I can't show any progress. Why is that? The famous hole you risk to fall in after a big project? I don't know. Anyway, I am again doing some house renovation (with a 30 year old house this is normal I presume). I will follow up with another mural paint in my basement, so for the next weeks my focus is again certainly not turned toward modelling. I am also still waiting for the spanish PDF to be corrected into "mainland" spanish.

The Clervaux diorama has been moved into it's final resting place! During the next weeks and months it will be arranged for permanent display. So I need at least to get back some motivation for that task.

Back from London

, 18:20

I had a nice week in London! I spend a lot of time in museums, things I wasn't probably ready for 30 years ago when I was there for the last time. London changed a lot of course, for the better, and is still changing as whole blocks are build anew. Highlights were the British Museum and the National Gallery, awesome stuff to see here. On the downside, well, I will probably never appreciate this art, was the exposition in the Tate Modern museum. Fortunately, as a lot of museums in London, entry was free, because except two paints of Picasso and Dali, I saw nothing to like. Like it is nearly tradition here, I brought a picture of a model, one from the St.Pauls Cathedral.

Now I do not have any more excuses to restart modelling, isn't it? Let's see next week.

Nearly done with the non-modelling stuff

, 18:05

I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year!

I am nearly done with all my online and book projects !

  1. I organized a reprint of the first book, so there are plenty again in stock. I was down to 6 copies before the new batch arrived.
  2. The book is translated in Spanish and the PDF is made and up for sale.
  3. The website itself is of course finished. It may not be perfect but considering where I come from coding-wise, I am satisfied with the result.
  4. The free tutorial of the last module is translated in German and French, the last one still needs to be put online as a PDF,
  5. The Blog, a Dotclear Blog, is also updated to it's newest version. I choose a responsive theme to fit the main page.

Last minute Update: The link to the Blog in the Menu on the main page is not working with left click. Need to work on that :-( Very very last minute update: Found it!! The culprit was the JS file singlepage.nav, a gimmick for changing the menu colour on a one page website. As probably no one will never take notice of that anyway I simply deleted the function and the direct link now works.

I now need to focus again in finishing that Rain and Kiss diorama. Hopefully I can come back to modelling again soon. I must admit that eyesight problems take a lot of fun out of the hobby. Not being able to do the slightest thing without magnifier is frustrating.

Redoing my website

, 19:13

Someone told me that it would be time to redo my website. Ok, I took the bait. I thought that the publication of the spanish PDF would be a good time to do it. S

6-7 years ago, when I did the actual site, I immerged myself a bit in HTML language so that I would at least know where to put my text.

Websitebuilders weren't so available back then and I arranged a suitable template already b, I decided to redo that exerciceack then. While those websitebuilders are more accessible nowadays, I did not want to pay a monthly fee for something I had already done myself. My actual hosting being paid anyway until 2017, I am right now rearanging a modern template I downloaded from the Net, responsive and with all the requirements for todays mobile computer world and struggling to put my old content into the new form. All the stuff around Diorama Clervaux will be the main reason to visit my site in the foreseeable future, so I certainly can not let that out.

Stay tuned for a hopefully well working and nice to visit website.

Comments enabled

, 19:33

Comments enabled for commenting on the tutorial.

Hopefully I will not be submerged by Spam.

free Tutorial

, 19:31

During the last days I was finishing a Add-on to the books, a 12 page tutorial about the build of the last part of the diorama. You may remember, I build an additional 120x80 cm part who did not make it into the book. As it features at least one interesting feature, a big tree, I arranged it to a hopefully nice PDF you can download for free. Please spread the word on Facebook. Thanks for that.

I am also days short from publishing the spanish PDF, so you find it already mentioned on my site without leading further. I am waiting for some final touches to a website page in spanish to guide those visitors.

Enjoy the tree tutorial!

I enabled the comment feature again!

I you want to tell me something about it, I would really be glad to hear it!

Spanish PDF

, 11:35

The correction is done and I meanwhile changed all the problems in the text.

Unfortunately I prepared the spanish version with the downsized PDF of about 20 MB I made for the french and german versions. Those come for free with the buy of the book and the pictures are blurred anyway, but in this case, the modeler is paying for the PDF and I need to offer a good quality of pictures. Therefore I took the original PDF of 1GB size, and copy/pasted the whole spanish text into that one. It took me a week to make. Now I downsized that version to a file of around 100 MB with better picture quality.

I am now just waiting for a small text to put on my website to guide the spanish visitors and I wil be good to go.

Obviously this all takes a lot of hobbytime and the Rain dio is waiting till I am done.

Back from holiday in Puglia

, 16:54

and guess what I saw ?

Dioramas! Big dioramas!

In Alberobello, the Trulli town, a model of part of the town

and in Matera also, someone build a model of the town some 20 years ago


Probable layout

, 09:51

Nothing special in this layout of course. The focus will be on the rain..... hopefully

I added the handbag and made most chrome parts on the taxi.

Don't put to much emphasis on some details, It will be night and the umbrella will cast another shadow, so lighting of this all will be completely different. Even so much that I probably do not need to detail the wind-shield of the Taxi (meaning rain marks and wiper movement), it will stay in the dark anyway. All I really want from the Taxi is to show the Taxi light (it does) and provide the headlights as contrast to rain.

Now it will rest upon my return from vacation when I finally will start to make the case around the scene.

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